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Bare fiber adapter is used as the medium to temporarily link the bare optical fiber to fiber optic equipment.Available with FC, SC, ST. LC, MU, SMA connectors with round or square type press button

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  • Fiber Connectors

    Fiber Optic Connectors according to the different transmission media can be divided into common silicon-based optical fiber single-mode and multimode fiber patch connectors, as well as other issues such as plastic and as the transmission medium of optical fiber connector; connector structure can be divided into: FC,SC, ST, LC, D4, DIN, MU, the MTP,MPO E2000, SMA  MTRJ  and so on in various forms. The optical interface is the physical interface used to connect fiber optic cable.

  • Fiber Adapters

    Fiber optic adapters is also called fiber optic coupler. It is used to provide a cable to cable fiber connection. People sometimes also name them to be mating sleeves and hybrid adaptors. Mating sleeves means this fiber optic adapter is used to connect the same type fiber connectors  while hybrid adaptors are the fiber optic cable adaptor types used to connect different kinds of fiber optic connectors. Fiber FOCC  provide a complete line of adapters for fiber optic connection, like ST, SC, FC, LC, MTRJ, MPO MTP and MU style fiber optic adapters for both multimode and single-mode fiber applications. 

  • Field Assembly Connectors

    Field Assembly Connector (Fast Connector, quick Connector) is designed for simple and fast field termination of single fibers, without the additional assembling tools. The heart of the Quick/ fast connector is a pre-polished ferrule and a mechanical splice inside the connector body. They are widely used in FTTx, Connecting up Renovation of Computer/controlling Room applications. The installation process takes about two minutes, and the connector during the installation process does not require any adhesive and curing process. Fiber FOCC  provide Fast Quick connectors with unique design of the patented mechanical splice body which incorporate a factory-mounted fiber stub and a pre-polished ferrule It is not only for single-mode or multimode fiber, and can also choose to 900 microns, 3 mm and the introduction of cable 8 font type.

  • Hybrid Adapters
  • Fiber Terminator...

    Fiber optic terminators prevent the reflection of light and minimize optical back reflections in fiber systems that deploy switches and couplers FOCC Technology provides all types of plug type fiber optic terminators including SC, FC, ST, LC and MU type. They are designed for use in unused ports and each connector is environmentally sealed for protection. All our terminators are with high quality at good price, and wholesale price can be offered for large quantity..

Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items
Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items
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