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SMA 905 Fiber Optic Connector

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SMA 905 Fiber Optic Connector
The SMA 905 is a non-contact connector that is widely used in medical, laser, Surgical, industrial , military,spectrometer applications etc. SMA 905 connector has a threaded Coupling nut and a straight ferrule. The Ferrule is traditionally made of stainless steel, although ceramic versions are available. The O.D for SMA fiber connector ferrule typical is 3.17mm. The ferrule design on the SMA 905connector is engineered for large core fibers.
Our standard SMA 905 connector with A one-piece straight stainless steel ferrule/body, knurled coupling nut, black 3mm strain relief thermoplastic rubber boot, shaped "C" clip, black T-Style thermoplastic rubber dust cap, and a metal crimp.
  • Non-contact connector
  • Threaded coupling nut connector
  • One-piece or two-pieces construction available
  • Hex coupling nut or round knurled nut
  • Stainless steel and ceramic ferrule or other specified material available
  • Metal ferrule available with custom drilled fiber I.D from 100um to 2500um
  • TIA and IEC compliant
  • Simple termination
  • High temperature stabilityGood durabilityRoHS compliant
  • Fiber hole size: 127um
  • Fiber type: multimode
  • Boot size: 3.0mm
  • Ferrule material: stainless steel or Zirconia


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SMA 905 Fiber Optic Connector

SMA 905 Fiber Optic Connector

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