Customerized 24-144 Fibers Outdoor Cable -GYXTY


These central loose tube optical fiber cables with a single jacket are suitable for installation in aerial for communication between bureaus, trunk power transmission, access network. It has the light weight for easy installation in aerial.


Loose tube filled with special grease, providing key protection for the fiber and ensures good water blocking resistance. Two entrained parallel steel wires to ensure tensile strength, anti-tension. The cable is completed with a single medium density polyethylene (PE) sheath.


– Good mechanical and temperature resistant performance.
– Low dispersion and attenuation.
– The centrally-situated loose tube minimizes the influence of lateral crush.
– Small cable diameter, light weight, compact tight bending performance
– Two parallel steel wires ensure tensile strength.
– PE sheath have good ultraviolet radiation resistance


– Laying modes: Aerial & Conduit/Duct.
– Bureaus network.
– Metropolitan network.
– Access network

Structure View:


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